Pricing Information

Why I price things the way I do

Generally artists price their works according to size, so that all sizes will be the same price, and most adhere to a "formula" priced per square inch. I tried this...I HATED it. It just doesn't work for me and that is why you will see the same size painting priced differently, sometimes dramatically differently.

All that means is that I took into account the time the painting took me, the different elements I incorporated into the painting, such as Japanese hand made papers, gold leaf, different mediums to create texture, paints, inks, metallics, etc... all of which are pretty expensive.

For the most part, I am a rule follower, but this rule just didn't work for me. For instance, the "Shoes on a Wire" painting took me about three weeks to paint, and has a lot of mixed media elements, spray paint- because I had to learn to do graffiti, rhinestones and glitter to embellish the shoes, so they look like the actual shoes. The price reflects the time, the process and the materials.

I don't put my art on sale, except for the small paintings, which I have done once, but doubt I will do again. However, if I have had a painting a long time, I may decide to lower the price. It doesn't mean I don't still love it, or I don't think I priced it right at first, what it really means is I am running out of room for all the paintings I have, but it would have to be around a long time for me to do this. 

So, for those of you that are aware that most places (galleries) have artists price their work the same for each size, just wanted you to know why mine are so inconsistent.