Painting for the Joy of it


Vie Magazine Art Issue  July 2019 vie magazine painting for the joy of it

painting for the joy of it beth picard vie magazine

painting for the joy of it beth picard vie magazine 

vie magazine 

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I was so thrilled to be featured in Vie Magazine's Art Issue, July 2019. This is such an honor and one of the highlights of my career as an artist. It is such a beautiful magazine with fantastic articles in every issue, so to be asked to be a part of it was BEYOND anything I could imagine.

I owe great thanks to Lisa Burwell, editor in chief, Jordan Staggs, managing editor and all the Vie Magazine team. You did a more beautiful job than I could ever have dreamed and I can't wait to get down to 30A and meet you all!

Thank you also, to Sallie Boyles who wrote the article and out of our three hour "interview" (we had so much fun talking it ran way over the interview time and became two new friends talking about EVERYTHING!) gleaned the parts that I really wanted to be said. You are a beautiful writer Sallie and I can't wait to meet you in person one day.

And I also want to thank Paul Jones, my wonderful brother in law who took all the photographs of my art and of me. You did a beautiful job and I can't thank you enough, I know it was a lot of work- particularly trying to get a good shot of me, since I don't know how to "sit" for a photography session. And my sister Mary Clayton Carl Jones for styling everything, and getting Darcy Wilkes to do my makeup and hair! It was a blast! 

And let's to be included in the same magazine as fashion designer Christian Sirano, who graces the cover is pretty awesome too!