I love being able to paint things for people with specific details they want to include in the painting. I am happy to take commissions and pricing will vary according to size, amount of detail, etc...  Here are a few examples of commissions I have done.

Mary Clayton's Birthday

My sister commissioned me to do an abstract for her- for her birthday. She had specific colors she wanted so this was the result.

mary claytons abstract painting

All for Lella

My other sister commissioned this for herself. It looks beautiful in her powder room. It looks so beautiful there!

lellas abstract painting

For Liza

My daughter commissioned this for her daughter's room. All in soft pinks for my granddaughter the artist.

lizas abstract painting

Clay's Blues

Commissioned by my sister for my niece. She loves abstracts and blues and needed two to for either side of her sideboard.

clays blues abstract painting


Jesus Loving African Queen

I painted this for a friend I have know since childhood. She works with Young Life in Africa and wanted to gift this to her husband for Christmas. The only guidelines she gave me were that she wanted it to depict a "Jesus loving African Queen" and that she had a pointy chin and a mole beside her nose. She left the rest up to me and if I am honest that is how I work best. She LOVES her painting and so did her husband. 

Mixed media on a 36" x 36" gallery wrap canvas with painted sides, embellished with Japanese papers, rhinestones and jewels.

african queen wild woman


Kids at Lake Martin

This wasn't a commission- I painted this for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas of their kids at Lake Martin. And I am happy to do commissions like this as long as there are not faces involved- or at least not full on front facing. I am not a portrait artist, but I will admit I LOVED painting this- maybe because I adore the three little people in this painting.

kids at lake martin

Wild Nancy

A commission from my husband for his sister's birthday. It was great fun to do and put in a hand painted frame I did to match. They live in New Orleans so I had to go with a Mardi Gras theme.

wild nancy custom painting

Wild Meg

This commission was done to depict some important things to the recipient. Again, for the most part, all of the detail and decisions were left up to me. 

wild meg commissioned painting

Wild Bill

Wild Bill is the husband of Wild Meg. She liked hers so much she commissioned me to do her husband- my first Wild Man!

wild bill abstract painting

 Wild Martha

"Wild Meg" liked hers so much she commissioned me to do one for her friend. Again it was to included some important things to the recipient and the details and decisions were left up to me. 

wild martha commission painting


Wild Paige and Kirstin

Paige commissioned me to do this of her friend that was moving to Germany. They have travelled together and been friends for years. It was such a special treat to do this!

wild paige and kirstin


Wild Lisa

I commissioned myself to do this for Lisa Burwell, the founder/editor in chief of Vie Magazine as a thank you for being included in their June 2019 edition. A beautiful woman with a beautiful and generous spirit! 



Wild Jordan

Another "self commissioned" piece of Jordan Staggs, managing editor of Vie Magazine. Jordan reached out to me in 2018 and asked if I would like to be in their magazine and for that I cannot thank her enough! I wanted to make this for her as a small sign of my appreciation.



Wild Lydia

 Lydia Fenet was my mentor when I attended the SouthernC Summit in February 2019. I couldn't have asked for anyone better! She is a vibrant, exciting woman and her new book "The Most Powerful Woman in the Room" is a MUST READ. I painted this for her to thank her for all her wisdom and support.


Wild Joni and Wild Jerri

Another set of friends which was commissioned by one of them for the other for their 60th birthday. They have been friends since college and I tried to depict as much as I could from all the things they have shared over the years.

wild joni and jerri painting