Ashley Throws a Party

48" x 60" Mixed Media Painting- SOLD

"Ashley Throws a Party" is a tribute to an amazing artist Ashley Longshore.

Ashley has proven if you believe in yourself- even when others don’t, be yourself - which she does better than anyone, do things YOUR WAY and WORK HARD - she is the Boss Bitch of hard work, then you can achieve anything.

Ashley is the greatest example of all these things! She constantly encourages and inspires me and thousands of others. Her collaborations with Judith Leiber, Linguafranca, Lizzie Tisch and her fabulous new Palette restaurant inside Bergdorf Goodman and many others are testament to what determination and hard work can do. 

This painting, which is the hardest I’ve ever done, is also the best I’ve ever done - maybe because it was a labor of love and admiration for the confidence and courage she has given me. 

Ashley loves the F word, but my favorite F words to describe her would be FUNNY, FIERCE and a FORCE!

Most of all- I WANT TO BE AT THIS PARTY!! Mixed media- acrylic, glitter and rhinestones on canvas. 48” x 60”

 It's SOLD to Ashley- and NOTHING could make me happier or more proud than for her to have it!!