Worry and the Robin

don't worry

WORRY - I am not a fan of worrying. I guess nobody really is and I try so hard not to. When you have children, no matter how old they are - you worry. When things aren't going well in your relationships, your finances, your business or any other part of your life....you worry.  A friend of mine told me once "you can't worry and be positive at the same time".  And you can't. If you are worrying then you are being negative, whether you realize it or not, because you are focusing on something negative- thus the worry.

The last few months have not been great ones for my business as I have mentioned before. My Etsy shop pretty much died off because of all the ridiculous changes they have made since becoming a publicly traded company. So I put it on vacation- most likely permanently. It is time to move on. So with my main source of income GONE, of course, I have been worrying. STUPID!  All that worrying and it has gotten me NOWHERE. My creativity has been at a standstill, my attitude sucks, I went down the rabbit hole of reading everything on the Etsy forums and on Facebook other sellers were writing about how upset they are. A lot of them are losing their homes, their cars, etc... it is so sad- and it made me even sadder and depressed. At least I am not in that situation, but just reading all that sadness and negativity for the last few weeks completely derailed me. Let me just say- the misery loves company thing is not the path to take.

Yesterday I decided enough was enough. I promised myself I would not even open the Etsy tab on my computer anymore- there is no need. I am not going into the groups I belong to on Facebook that are nothing but a venting ground for discontent. I realized that nothing I wanted was happening because I have NOT been positive, which means that all my thoughts have been deflecting everything I DO want. You can't get to positive when you are being negative, it just can't happen. It's that Law of Attraction thing at work- what you focus on is what you bring to you. 

I needed a little time to grieve the death of my shop, it was SO successful before, but I took it WAY too far and got mired down in the misery of it. That is done.

THE ROBIN - So this morning I was sitting on my beautiful deck and looking at the bright green trees and how gorgeous my back yard is with gardenias, confederate jasmine, day lilies, hydrangeas and other flowers blooming everywhere around me. It was glorious. The sun was just coming up over the house and starting to shine it's beautiful light on the tops of the trees. I saw a robin. It was hopping around and then flew up to the very top of a tree and was looking down on me. He had something to tell me.

I watched it as the sun hit the bright red-orange of it's breast and what a magnificent color it was in the sunshine. As I watched, it dawned on me that I am pretty sure that robin doesn't worry. It was sitting at the top of the tree, basking in the early morning sun, just happy and content that it was a new day full of opportunities. It can fly anywhere, any time it wants, it can play in the trees, splash in the birdbath and play chase with the other birds. 

Then I started thinking- well what does a robin have to worry about? For one- it has babies in a nest in our holly bush. Somebody has to feed them. That is when I realized that the robin has NO DOUBT, so that is why it doesn't worry.  It KNOWS there are worms in our yard. It KNOWS they are plentiful (and they are- every time I plant something there are worms everywhere). So instead of frantically digging around the yard, it was basking in the warmth and glow of a new morning, fully knowing when it needed to go get a worm, it would be there, it just needed to get down on the ground and get one. Sure it might take a little looking around, but it doesn't seem to have to work too hard to find one. That beautiful bird knows that worms will be provided. 

I KNOW that everything I need is out there. I just needed to be reminded to bask in all the beauty and glory that is my life and when I am ready to get down on the ground and get a little dirty I will find what I am looking for. I am so grateful to that wondrous bird for reminding me that if I don't doubt and don't worry and stay positive, everything I need will be provided.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that remind us that everything is here for us. All the answers to our wants and desires are there, they just may be hidden under a little layer of something, but when we start looking, they are pretty easy to uncover.

I am going to be the robin today. I am going to delight in the beauty of the day, and when I am ready, I will go start digging for my worms.



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