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  • Day 89- Know what you Want

    Posted on March 11 2017

    Know What You Want I was going to write about ATTRACTING what you want today, as I mentioned yesterday, but after having a little visitor last night and watching him I...

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  • GO! The Journey Begins- Make Yourself Proud

    Posted on March 10 2017

    The Journey Begins Day 90. Here we go! The age thing doesn't bother me in the least. It never has. I like getting older, most of the time it seems...

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  • Get Set!

    Posted on March 09 2017

    Get Set!  One day until the 90 day countdown to sixty, officially begins. I am a little scared. But then, that is what part of this journey is all about....

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  • A new Journey- Get READY!

    Posted on March 08 2017

    Get Ready! 90 days until my 60th birthday and the journey begins to find the girl I left behind. Actually 92, so I am using these 2 days to get...

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