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  • Day 70- Sometimes It's Just Hard

    Posted on March 30 2017

    A PlayDough Food Feast! Last night Liza spent the night with us and after supper she wanted to play with a tiny china tea set I had when I was...

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  • Day 71-Painting!!

    Posted on March 29 2017

    Painting I am on a roll!  Got lots of canvases ready to paint, paintings in the works,working on some of my art quotes and still working on my most fun...

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  • Day 72- Being Creative

    Posted on March 28 2017

     Being Creative This is where I will be today- ALL DAY! Being creative can be hard. It can be fun, but it can be very challenging at times. Writing this...

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  • Day 73- MONEY

    Posted on March 27 2017

    Money MONEY- Ah...touchy subject? It shouldn't be. We all need money. So why do we get the heebie jeebies when people bring up the subject of money? Well, if you are...

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  • Day 74- It's Sunday

    Posted on March 26 2017

    It's Sunday It's Sunday- and I think I am going to just embrace the glorious mess that I am. We went to brunch with family from out of town and...

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  • Day 75- It's Saturday- Time to PLAY!

    Posted on March 25 2017

    Time to Play! Remember when you were little how excited you got when it was FINALLY Saturday!  No school, you could watch cartoons, play outside, do anything you wanted. I...

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