Day 82- It's about the Journey

Posted on March 18 2017

Day 82- It's about the Journey

It's About the Journey

As much as I hate to admit it, I have ALWAYS been about the destination.

When I was kid and we were going somewhere, I was the one in the car saying, (six million times), "Are we there yet?". I missed the scenery, I missed the fun of the journey- well except for tormenting my brother and sister in the back seat- I did that between asking the question and that was pretty fun.

When Alan and I go somewhere, whether in the car or on a plane, I read the whole time, magazines, a book- things I haven't had time to read otherwise because I have been too busy. I miss the ENTIRE journey with my head buried in my lap. I miss the opportunity to talk to him, although we do talk, but I am preoccupied, he doesn't have my undivided attention, and that is very unfair to him! I miss what is passing by my window. I miss all the interesting people in the airport, or on the plane. Alan is a great observer, me not so much. He sees things I would never see, or maybe I have just been too busy doing other things to look. I am going to work on this.

I am going to be a better observer. But more than that, I am going to enjoy the journey. And not just "this" journey, but the journey that is my life. 

One thing I have noticed is when we have the the grandchildren over, I wipe EVERYTHING else off my plate. They have our undivided attention. And because of that, there is no stress that I should or need to be doing something else. I am in the moment, the whole time, watching them, playing with them and truly enjoying every minute.  I don't know how to apply this to the rest of my life, but I am working on it.

It it so easy to get caught up in the "every day" stuff. Especially if you have kids. I remember the days when they were younger and I never felt like I had a minute to myself. But you need to find those "minutes" where you can and make them count. Even if you are just waiting in the carpool line- quit looking at your phone, look out your window- I am sure there is something 

MUCH MORE interesting to see than your Instagram feed.

And that makes me think of something else I need to write about, but I will save that for another day.

I hope you have a beautiful, glorious Saturday! Take some time to look around and even if it is just for a few minutes.....enjoy your journey!



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