Day 81- Alan

alan and me
There are a lot of people that encourage me. There are a lot that are REALLY encouraging me along this journey. Family and friends, but no one encourages me as much as Alan...ALWAYS. He is a full-time encourager.
Alan "gets" me. He is creative and talented and funny. I remember telling my mama when we started dating, "who else can I sit on the sofa and talk about fonts with and they even know what I mean?"  I had my invitation manufacturing business and he had his stationery store, so we were in essentially the same business. Riding down the road we would point out signs and billboards and see who could name the font the fastest. May not sound like fun to you- but it was for us!
Alan is supportive. And I know there have been times when he wanted to run for the hills. When my Etsy business was booming and I was exhausted, angry, crying and pretty much all I did was bitch about EVERYTHING...he calmed me. He listened... for MONTHS. He hugged me and let me cry. I KNOW that I was miserable to be around. Not once did he SAY that. Not once did he tell me he was sick of hearing about it. Everyone else was sick of hearing about it, and I know he was, but he knew I was not in a good place and I needed he was there for me, as he always is. He is supporting me on this journey as well, even though neither of us really have a clue where it is going!
Alan is funny. He makes me laugh. He makes my kids laugh. He has such a quick sense of humor, it is always fun to hear what he comes out with. Laughing is good, and he is good at! 
Alan is kind. He is sweet to me. More than that, he is so kind to others. He is so sweet to his mother, of course she is easy to be sweet to, but he takes so much time to be with her. I love that about him. He never does it begrudgingly or feels like it is an obligation. He does it out of love and joy. She is fun to be with, but lots of men would never be so attentive, he is a very special man.
Watch how a man treats his mother, and most likely that is how he will treat his wife. I think this is VERY true and in that regard I am EXTREMELY lucky!
He is wonderful man when it comes to his business too. He loves helping people find JUST the right thing for them. He is patient BEYOND what I could ever imagine. I get crazy sometimes just hearing about the changes of mind, the indecision- I would blow a gasket. Not him, he just keeps working with them until the find the perfect thing. 
He cooks! I used to love to cook. I even had a catering business at one time. But when my business took off, I really didn't have time and Alan LOVES food and he likes to cook AND he is GREAT at it!
He cooks everything, and he goes to the grocery store. I haven't stepped foot in a grocery store for more than one or two things in years. He thinks it qualifies as a hobby, I am going to let him keep thinking that. I hate going to the grocery store, he loves it, works out perfectly! He keeps me fed and stocked up in all the essential things I love, like chocolate!
He is great with my kids. I can never fully express how much this means to me. Taking on someone else's kids is not easy, I don't care how great the kids are (and of course mine are awesome!). For the most part mine were grown when we got married, Gardner was a senior in high school, Clayton and Davidson were in college. But still... Alan and my kids get along terrifically. He emails and texts stuff to the boys all the time. Football stuff, tech stuff, I don't even know what all stuff, but they communicate sometimes more than I do with them. It delights me that they all enjoy each other so much.
Papa- that is what the grandkids call him and they ADORE him! When Clayton facetimes us, I answer the phone, and if it is Henry, he sees me and says "where's Papa?". James and Liza too, (I think they do it sometimes now just to torment me).  I love seeing him with them. The last time the twins were here he and Liza had a gigantic tea party with all her dolls and EVERYTHING out of her kitchen. He sits on the floor playing trains with James until he can hardly stand up. He is great with Henry who moves around so fast from one thing to the next it is exhausting. The love between them brings so much joy to my soul!
And then there are our pups. The man is INSANE when it comes to Charlie and Zelda. He boils eggs JUST for them. He puts it on their food, he sits on the floor and hand feeds them if they don't jump right on their food. The man has no limit for his love for these two. That makes him pretty special too.
He is not perfect, but he is PERFECT for me! I love him dearly and probably do not tell him how much I appreciate him often enough. I will work on that too.
I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

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