Day 78- You MUST Ask!

three simple rules
#2- I wouldn't have a new driveway if I hadn't asked for it, even if I did it jokingly at the time (which makes it even more incredible to me).
And one of my best friends in the world, Scott Tucker reminded me yesterday that THIS is how we met. When I "asked" for something I wanted. (I actually demanded, but it worked.)
Years ago, when I was living in Aliceville, the Little Theatre decided to do the play Steel Magnolias. I had always wanted to be in a play, but they always did musicals. I don't sing, I CAN'T sing, the only time I sing is when I can turn the music up so loud that I can't hear myself, because it is TERRIBLE.  But that is ok, I wasn't meant to be a singer!
Anyway, I was so excited because HERE was something I could do! Nevermind that I had NEVER acted before, nevermind that I had NO idea if I could even learn and remember lines- I WANTED to do this. 
They were having auditions and I KNEW who I wanted to be. I was BORN to be Ouiser. I AM Ouiser (without the mangy dog). She has always been my favorite character. I had seen the movie a million times and Shirley MacLaine played Ouiser. Now, I know everyone thinks Ouiser is the mean, grouchy old lady, but she really isn't. She is a sweetheart with a heart of gold underneath that brash exterior. 
So, I downed a couple of vodka tonics (I needed liquid courage) and marched myself into the auditions. When it was my turn, I walked up to the table where Kathy Marine who played Clairee, and was a friend of mine, Ethelda Potts (the head of the Little Theatre and a friend) and Scott Tucker sat. I had never met Scott, but he was going to be the director of the play and TOLD them I was going to be Ouiser. Scott said "well you need to read us a line". I scoffed- could he not SEE that this was my role? So I spewed out a line I remembered from the movie, " Oh! He's a real gentleman! I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he PEES in it!" and turned around and left. (The vodka tonics may have been a little stronger than I had intended).
Later Scott told me that there was NO way I was not going to play Ouiser, but because of the way I did it, he and Kathy tormented me for days. Everyone else found out what parts they got- I called Kathy everyday, drove her crazy I am sure, but finally they relented and told me I got the part. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done.
Here we are celebrating after our last show. (Did I mention we sold out EVERY show?)
steel magolias
And besides getting the part, I got a best friend. Scott and I hit it off right away. He had to drive an hour over and back for rehearsals, so I told him he was welcome to stay at our house anytime. And he did, and my children got to know him and love him. We stayed up and talked until the wee hours sometimes. We had so much fun!
When I moved to Birmingham, Scott happened to have moved to Birmingham too, so instead of just seeing him now and then, I got to see him a LOT! He has seen me through some really tough times. When I divorced the second time, he even let me live with him for a couple of weeks until I could get into my rental house-now THAT is a REAL friend! He has been a wonderful friend to me, to my kids and to a lot of other people I know. Here he is out at my parents house ready to go fishing- he has an outfit for every occasion- this is not his regular attire, but he looks adorable in overalls!
scott tucker
So, if you WANT something you better ask for it, because if you don't ask- the answer is no for sure, and if you do ask and the answer is no, it is better than never asking and wondering "what if" for the rest of your life.
And you never know, you might just get a bonus when you ask- like I did with my friendship with Scott. That is way better than any part in a play- although I was a FABULOUS Ouiser!
Thank you Scott for everything, I love you!

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