Day 72- Being Creative


art playhouse

This is where I will be today- ALL DAY!

Being creative can be hard. It can be fun, but it can be very challenging at times. Writing this blog everyday is challenging. Even though I started it just for me and only put it out here to hold myself accountable. I knew at least my mother would read it- so I would HAVE to write everyday. 

I had so many things I wanted to do yesterday, I have two paintings I want to work on-  four other things I have been working on (my secret play things I am having a ball with- but taking longer than I thought), and I want to do some more art quotes. 

But first I had to make the orders from my Etsy store. Usually not a problem. But more and more lately (and one reason I am ready to move on to something else) I have been getting inventory that is less than ideal. So I ended up having to remake four of the things I had to get out yesterday. Inferior quality products that I have no control over, but that end up costing me time and money. I was so frustrated by the time I finished that my "creativity" had evaporated.

If you are a creative, any kind- artist, writer, musician, chef, etc... you know that it just doesn't "turn on" when you want it. I am pretty lucky, mine usually is on, but when I get frustrated, irritated or upset and I was all three yesterday- mine disappears. And self discipline is not something I have a lot of- so I just gave it up yesterday. Also, part of this journey is the FUN of being creative- forcing myself is not part of that plan.

So I am keeping this short today so I can get out to my wonderful playhouse and start doing some fun things that I love to do!

I hope you have a wonderful day too!



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