Day 89- Know what you Want

 know what you want

I was going to write about ATTRACTING what you want today, as I mentioned yesterday, but after having a little visitor last night and watching him I decided that the first thing is you need to KNOW what you want.

Henry, our 20 month old grandson spent the night last night and because of this journey of mine, I noticed a lot of things I could learn from him. Determination. Tenacity. Willingness to ASK for help. Joy. Happiness.

We don't come into this world thinking we have limitations. We learn that. Henry has NO idea that there are limitations. If he wants something, he goes for it, he can almost scale a wall like one of those tree frogs with the sticky feet. He is amazing! The fact that he is less than 3 feet tall doesn't stop him from trying to reach things 2 feet above his little head. When he realizes he can't get whatever it is on his own, he asks for help, or maybe whines a little, either way it works (grandmothers are pushovers you know). 

Clayton sent me this picture a couple of weeks ago. He got his chair, pulled it around so he could watch cartoons and then got the bag of Doritos for his breakfast. He KNOWS what he wants and despite the fact that he is incredibly small, he has the determination to drag his chair across the room, go in the pantry and if I had to guess, climbed a shelf or two, and emerged victorious with his Dorito breakfast. This picture does make me think he is prime candidate for a lazyboy with a cup holder in his future!

So knowing what you want is important. BELIEVING you can get what you want is important. Going after what you want is the MOST important.

That's what I am going to do!

Have a great weekend!



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