Day 88- Your Dreams...Your Reality

dreams come true
After figuring out what you want, you need to start going after that dream.  I haven't completely figured out what it is I really love doing art-wise yet, but I am working on it. I have started working on some things using methods I probably haven't done since third grade, but I am having fun!!!
I have read a ton of books about how to achieve your goals, how to reach your dreams, etc... They all basically get back to a few simple things. Be positive. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it.  And one book said it a REALLY long time ago, "Ask and ye shall receive".  But you have to be open to it, you have to pay attention. You have to have faith that it WILL happen.
You get signs, people come into your life, opportunities present themselves. I know
this for sure, because it has happened to me over and over again. 
I have re-started my abundance meditations. I did this for a long time and it worked. Over and over again it WORKED! If you are not familiar with this, it is really nothing but being quiet, and imagining everything you want and seeing it as if it has already happened. Believing your life is already just the way you want it. Even if you have no earthly idea of HOW it will happen, you just envision it and your subconscious goes to work to make it happen. Your subconscious doesn't know what's real or what's not. It only knows what you tell it is real. This may be too "woo woo" for some, but I am a "woo woo" girl and since I have seen it work, who am I to doubt it?
The most recent example of this is our new driveway.  The gas company was redoing all the gas lines in our neighborhood. They also had to replace the lines going to everyone's house. When they came to mark the lines to our house, the line ran along side our pathetic, cracked and pitiful driveway. I told the man that when they had to dig it up, that if they had to get into the driveway to remember it was two feet wider. He just laughed and went on his way. Of course they didn't even have to get into the driveway at all, EXCEPT for an eight inch square at the end of the driveway, on the very edge. They patched it when they were through. That little patch right on the street didn't bother me at all, I mean the rest of it was so terrible, what difference did that little patch make. 
Then one day that man knocked on the door. He told Alan, "Tell you wife she is going to get her wish, we are going to replace your ENTIRE driveway and we will make it two feet wider when we do". I really couldn't believe it! I have SUPER POWERS!  That is what I felt like.  When they came I asked him why they were doing it. He said that they really had to fix that little patch to match our driveway, which is concrete, not asphalt, and if they pulled up a little at the end of the drive, it was just going to crack up the rest, so they decided they would just replace the whole thing. Seriously? They didn't replace any other driveway in all the neighborhoods around us. Alan and I were walking everyday, and NOT ONE single driveway was being replaced...just ours. Now we have a brand new (about $8000 worth) driveway, I can get out of the car without walking on the grass (that is what the extra two feet was for), FOR FREE!
My meditations were not about getting a new driveway.  I was just meditating that "everything I need will be provided in abundance". SUPER POWERS and oh yes, I ASKED, even if it was jokingly, I asked. Alan was a little skeptical about all this "meditation" stuff, he is not anymore! He actually wanted to know if I could meditate on getting the house painted for free. I told him I would work on that.
So, if I can get a new driveway, I KNOW I can find my path with my art and the rest of my life and have everything fall into place just the way I want.  I just have to
Be Positive
Have Faith
and above all else, be GRATEFUL.  More about that later.

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