Day 79- Three Simple Rules- #1

3 simple rules for life
I think I am going to take on just #1 today- and do #2 and #3 the next two days because I think I have much to share on all three points.
So- #1 -If you don't pursue your dreams, it is highly unlikely they are going to come running after you! 
I know people that have known what they wanted to do since they were kids. They wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, a teacher. They KNEW all along what their dream was.  I always wanted to be a mom, well that and a princess!
When I was little and played with my friends, I was the mother that had all the babies that I took to my friend who was the doctor or teacher.  
Wanting to be a mom kept me out of all kinds of trouble when I was in college- seriously. Ok- this is going to digress just a bit here, but it does make a point about what you want.
Cocaine became a big thing at Alabama in the late 70's. Pot had been the big thing my first couple of years, I tried it, it never worked for me (I think it doesn't work well on people with ADD, but that is just my theory- because BELIEVE me- I tried!! I wanted to be laughing and be stupid with all my friends, all it did for me is sober me up- because usually I had been drinking when I tried it).
I would like to say I never tried cocaine (or any other drug) because I was a strong person, because I was strong enough NOT to succumb to peer pressure (and there was PLENTY of that)- but that is not why. I never tried it for two reasons-
1) I wanted to have babies, and I had no idea if that would mess up things and they would come out with 3 heads or something, (clearly a scaredy cat- thank goodness), and
2) because I KNOW what an addictive personality I have, plus I was spending all my parents money on ZAP pictures from the fraternity and sorority parties, I didn't have money for drugs!
My desire to be a mom superseded the peer pressure. I actually lost a few friends because of it, but still, I KNEW what I ultimately wanted and I wasn't going to put that in jeopardy.
I am happy to say that some of the people that did those things, went on to have children and none of them have 3 heads. 
I achieved my dream- I have three wonderful kids. And that was my primary dream job for many years and that was exactly what I WANTED. I truly gave it my full attention. When they got older and didn't need me to watch Sesame Street with them or work puzzles and went off to school, I started doing some artistic things again- but never with the fervor that I pursued my dream of being a mom.
NOW, I am pursuing THAT dream. I still don't have it all figured out, I honestly have NO idea what kind of art I really want to do. Part of the journey. What I do know is I like to make art that is FUN! Bright, fun, silly, whimsical- those things make me happy.
If I sat around thinking about it and not getting my hands dirty with paint, I am pretty sure that wouldn't be going anywhere. And I firmly believe it is NEVER too late to start pursuing a dream. It would be FAR WORSE to be at the end of your life and wondering "what if?"
If you don't believe me- here you go:
Julia Childs didn't start cooking until she was 40 and didn't have her first show until she was 50.
Colonel Sanders was 66 when he started cooking chicken with his secret recipe and started KFC.
Christoph Waltz supported his family by acting in stage productions and small European TV roles, but at 51 became famous for his role as Colonel Hans Landa in Inglorious Bastards- and has won 2 Oscars since then.
Ray Kroc was over 50 when he bought the first McDonalds- and look where that has gone.
and then of course- Grandma Moses- she didn't start painting until she was 78.
So..... what are you waiting for? Figure out what you dream is. Or dig up that dream you had as a kid and GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose....time is a-wasting.
I am off to paint...something.... and I may just wear a princess crown...just in case!

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