Day 75- It's Saturday- Time to PLAY!

liza playing
Remember when you were little how excited you got when it was FINALLY Saturday!  No school, you could watch cartoons, play outside, do anything you wanted. I think that is what you should do today. PLAY!
Yesterday Liza came over and we painted- well SHE painted and discovered GLITTER! She is a "glitter-girl". She loved it. I had so much fun watching what she did. I observed, I didn't try to interfere (this is SO hard for me). Watching her play with the paint and the glitter (not worrying about the mess- another thing that is SO hard for me), I just lived in the moment and experienced the pure JOY of watching her be creative. And she didn't care that she had paint all over her hands, (and in her hair- sorry Clayton). I did make sure I covered up her cute outfit with her "paint" shirt- or it would have been all over that too!
She wasn't worried about ANYTHING. She just played. She had FUN! We did this for over an hour. I admit I was getting a little antsy, since I am used to doing something ALL the time. I just had to keep reminding myself that I WAS doing something- I was watching my beautiful granddaughter at play.
We moved on to playdough after that and we did that together and had a blast. We made playdough food, got plates from her play kitchen and filled them with pink tomatoes, green fish, and purple things (never was sure what those were), but it did make for a beautiful plate of food.
So, today- you should play, at least for a little while. The laundry can wait, the grocery store will still be there, you can work in the yard later- do something fun, if just for an hour. Remember what it was like to be a kid and LOVE that it was Saturday and the whole day was open to doing whatever you want. It will be good for your soul. It will be good for you mind, it will just be GOOD FOR YOU!
I think we really forget how to play as we get older. I know I got caught up in everything but play for a very long time, and I was VERY unhappy. It is one of the things I love the most about having the grandkids over- I clear the decks- there is NOTHING on my agenda except to play with them. And we do have fun!
I am off to play- how about you?
Happy Saturday!

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