Day 73- MONEY


MONEY- Ah...touchy subject? It shouldn't be. We all need money. So why do we get the heebie jeebies when people bring up the subject of money? Well, if you are of a certain age, and I think especially if you were raised in the South, you were taught that "nice people don't talk about money". Those days are over!

Everywhere you look people are talking about money. On TV- Shark Tank, The Profit, people flipping houses, on Facebook, all the "Six Figure" Entrepreneurs trying to sell you stuff, it's in your face all the time. So get with the times, it is time to make friends with money.

As I said in one of my previous posts, I have been doing some abundance meditations, (and "abundance" is not just about money- but this post is- I will address other parts of that later.) And they work- (new driveway- remember). But it is not so much the meditations as it is the mindset that they help you change. I would say the majority of people I know, when they think of money, they think "lack", even if they have a TON of it. Another reason I don't think people like to talk about money- they are scared they will run out of it- then what?

The woman my grandfather married after my grandmother died always said, "Money can't buy happiness, but it sure is convenient". And that is what you have been programmed to think about money, "it can't buy happiness". No, it really can't but it damn sure can buy stuff that makes your life better. Like somewhere to live, transportation, clothes, a phone, internet, it can pay the power bill, insurance- a LOT of stuff you really do need.

What I have been reading lately (and on and off for years, ever since the 90's when I first read Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich"), is that money is NOT evil, it's necessary. YOUR mindset about money causes the problem, not the paper stuff itself.

I have said for years- what you put out there is what you get back. You put out positive- you get positive back, you put out negative- guess what- you are not going to like what you get. It actually has a name, although I really didn't know this until the last few years- it is The Law of Attraction. The word attraction itself SOUNDS like such a positive word, and it is, but the thing is- it doesn't know what is positive or negative, all it knows is whatever you are putting out there must be what you want and so that is what you are attracting. Oops!

So, if you say, "I will never be able to afford that house", or I "will never be able to travel the way I want", or "I will never be able to buy that car", nope- you won't. Because you are attracting that very thing right to you. Self-fulfilling prophecy. 

When Alan had his brick and mortar store and I had my stationery business we both had a LOT of overhead. We both had employees. We both had inventory. I have been the bookkeeper for both of our businesses since we married. (How this ever happened is a mystery to me.)  There have been times in both of our businesses when I didn't know where the money was going to come from to pay everything. When I would freak out (I tried to be cool most of the time because Alan is a world champion worrier and I don't like to do that to him), but he would calmly say, "The Lord will lay down another plank". And EVERY time something happened- usually one of us would get a big order that took care of everything. It was pretty amazing. But he put it out there, he believed it and was positive that it was all going to work out fine. And it did.

We put most of our business expenses on our Amex- invoices, inventory, etc. And sometimes that bill can get pretty big. There have been times when I wasn't sure how I was going to pay it, and then voila- I would get a huge order or Alan would get a great order, problem solved. Believing that it is all taken care of, really believing you don't have to worry is the key.  Worry is a negative emotion and brings more negative- you can't be positive if you are worrying. And in truth, worrying never fixed anything anyway.

So, I listen to meditations on financial abundance, about money and how there is a never ending supply, on how to change your money mindset, and how to feel good about wanting money. This isn't being greedy, there is plenty for everyone, but you have to be receptive. If you see someone with "stuff" you want and you are jealous, you don't have a good money mindset. If you see someone driving a super expensive car or with a fabulous house and you think they are probably a snob, you have a negative money mindset.  And for this to work, you have to change the way you think about money. If you think you will never have enough, you never will. 

Wouldn't it be a lot more fun and wouldn't you just FEEL BETTER if you believed all your financial needs would be met and that you could actually have everything you wanted and there would always be enough money? Then believe it, ask for it, trust that it is yours and coming your way. And you just might get what you REALLY want!




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