Day 70- Sometimes It's Just Hard

liza and playdough

A playdough food feast!

Last night Liza spent the night with us and after supper she wanted to play with a tiny china tea set I had when I was a little girl. I took it all down and we put it on the counter in the kitchen and played "tea party". I told her she needed to be very careful because they were old and breakable. She was very careful! She is a GOOD girl!

A little later she was doing some drawing- back up on the counter and the tea set was still up there, I heard a couple of things clinking together and told her to "be careful" and she said, "sometimes it's just hard".

And sometimes it is....just hard. Even when you are trying to do everything right. And sometimes it takes someone much smarter than you- like a four year old, to remind you. So, give yourself a break if everything doesn't go exactly as planned, or if nothing works like it should or if you just have a bad day....sometimes it's just hard. And maybe we should just go with that from time to time and accept it.

I hope that it's not that way for you today- I hope today is a GREAT day in every way!




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