Day 69 and 68- Being Creative

works in progress
Day 69- the day got away from me. We had James spend the night, since we had Liza the night before. Played with trains, watched Thomas the Train movie (the boy LOVES trains), we colored and of course played with playdough. He is an angel!
After we took him home, I was feeling very creative and got to work on some new art quotes. I worked on them all day and night- so I missed my blog post. But you know- when you are on a roll- you just need to go with it.
Day 68- Today
I am going to finish getting the art quotes outlined, draw some more and then color- all day and night, tomorrow and next week.
Being creative is such a weird things sometimes. If you are in the mood it seems nothing can stop you. Anything that interferes is annoying...VERY ANNOYING. I don't want to stop to eat or do anything else. Unless...
I get derailed. I wake up and I have the WHOLE day ahead of me and something will happen and I lose the mood and there goes the day....VERY FRUSTRATING.
I wish I had the discipline that I read about where people MAKE themselves go write, go paint, go create, no matter what. But I know me- if I lose the mood, then no matter what I TRY to do, I don't like it and I get even more frustrated. So I just let it go. This is something I need to work on and not be so hard on myself, just play and not worry about creating something as a finished product. I need to experiment with my paints and other things.  Because when I don't do anything creative, I feel like I have wasted the day.
So right now I am in the mood, I have the WHOLE day - and I am going to play, color, paint and have a FANTASTIC day. It is beautiful outside and I may even do some of it out on the deck in the sunshine and I am not going to let anything get in the way or derail me today! 
I hope you have a beautiful, wonderful Saturday, filled with all the things you want to do! Don't let anything derail your day!

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  • OLd fRiend on

    You are so very talented ! Love your work… draw some trains for James.
    Talked with Clayton last night. She is so sweet.

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