Day 67-My New Disorder

who's going to stop me
My newest quote ready to be colored- had to make this today in light of what's next...
So, I am talking to Mama this morning (we talk every morning - I really can't start my day right without that call) and she wants to read me my horoscope. Of course she says "even though this says just for today", this applies to you ALL the time. Thanks for the honesty Mom!
It says something like "Today you have Oppositional Defiance Disorder, if anyone tells you NO, it will be the very thing you do, and this can be a positive, as it is your strong will that allows you to get things done." Well HOT DAMN!! I have a NEW disorder! We can just add that to ADD and OCD! And if I am being COMPLETELY honest- I have had this particular disorder all my life.
I immediately told her to tell Daddy that he should feel terrible about all the times he sent me to my room for being "sassy". You see, I wasn't being sassy- I have Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and he was messing with an afflicted child! Shame, shame! (although she said he felt NO shame whatsoever!).
And this "disorder" really has been a positive for me, (most of the time). Alan learned early on to NEVER tell me "you can't do that", because THAT would be exactly what I was then hell bent to do!  I just can't help myself, because it sounds like a challenge to me, rather than something maybe I "shouldn't" do, as opposed to "can't" do.
When I was married to my first husband we needed a retaining wall at our new house, but had spent all our budget and there was just not anything left for the wall, and all the mud from the hill was washing over our new driveway. I told him "fine, I will just build it myself!" He said "you can't build a retaining wall".  HA HA HA- watch me! And I did- and it was outstanding! Daddy helped me with the footings, and showed me how to make sure it was level- and I went to work, mixed up my cement and built my wall, it was curvy, it was LONG and as far as I know it is still standing! Don't tell ME I can't do something!
There are so many positive examples of how this has spurred me to action, rather than deterred me. The more people that have told me I "can't", the more I become determined that indeed I CAN!
I think everyone needs a little more Opposition Defiance Disorder, especially when it comes to things you want to do (things that aren't dangerous or could hurt others). Like starting a business- I have had a TON of successful businesses over the years. Or writing a book and getting it published- done it, and I could go on and on. That "can't" is just the impetus I need to get going!
So the new quote I did for today (that I am going to finish as soon as I am done here) is perfect for me!  Yeah, who's going to stop me?  Not the people that say I can't- that's for sure!
Happy Sunday, I am going to revel in having ODD!

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