Day 66 and Day 65- Chastised!

you are not a tree
I have been busy- just the leaves on this took me FOREVER to do!
And yesterday, Gardner called me (at 4:00 on his way home from work, he does this everyday- and I love it), and told me he hadn't seen my blog post yet. I explained that I had been really busy painting and that I might have to combine some days. He said he didn't like that. He said it looked like I was in a hurry when I did that before (and I was).
He told me that he really got a lot out of my posts (shocked and amazed- this is my kid remember). I told him I would try to do better- so forgive me for combining two days today please!
Then about 8:30 last night, Clayton texts me and tells me, "you are behind on your blog". Jeeze Louise!! I sent her the picture of the art quote above and told her that I had been really busy. She doesn't really "do" excuses. Her response: "Get it together". I guess someone who deals with 4 year old twins and a 20 month old that has the climbing abilities of a monkey really doesn't see why I can't get both done. I see her point!
So, I am going to try to "get it together". 
I am in sort of a panic- trying NOT to panic. About a month ago Clayton insisted that I get a tent to sell my art at the Pre-School Partners Food Truck Round Up, which is the first weekend in May. I told Clayton that I had nothing to sell. "Well you can make stuff"- like I said, she doesn't do excuses, so my sister, Lella, who is the director of this fabulous school was gracious enough to let me get a spot even after the sign up date had passed- I don't know whether to thank her or cry. I still don't have much. I spent the first two weeks "experimenting", with nothing to show for it yet. 
I have FOUR weeks! I REALLY need to "get it together". I am working on it. I never realized when I started writing this it would become something that ANYONE would be disappointed about if I didn't post something. And not just my kids, I have had a couple of my friends say, "I didn't see your post yesterday". YIKES! I am thrilled, honored and a little bit horrified! I promise I will try to do better!
So, thank you my sweet children for encouraging me, and thank you for reading this everyday, and thank you for thinking I have ANYTHING worthwhile to say. You have learned how to play the "guilt" card beautifully, I didn't realize when I did that to y'all that one day it would come back to haunt me- that day has arrived!
Now back off and give an old gal a break!! I love you and I am off to paint!

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