60 at Last!

the whole family

I made it to 60, plus 3 days! I totally failed at writing a blog post every day on my journey- TOTALLY FAILED! It just got to be too much to try and do that and run my Etsy business and paint for the art show in May, (which was NOT a success, but then I knew it wasn't really an "art" show, but a fundraiser- still after working for 2 months, painting almost every day, was a bit depressing not to sell but one thing. Okay- it was VERY depressing, and I didn't want to write depressing blog posts.

I gave myself permission to just sail onto 60 without any pressure after the show. I made a coffee table for my deck and painted a floor cloth, I worked in the yard and planted some beautiful things. I have been watching the disaster that Etsy has become and decided to keep my One Sassy Sister shop on vacation (probably permanently- but don't have the heart to close it yet). 

NOW- on to the most important thing- my birthday! It was FANTASTIC! Clayton and Blair rented a house at Lake Martin for 4 days and a boat, Davidson came home from California, Gardner took a couple of days off work and so I had all my kids and grandkids under one roof for a few days and it was wonderful! Then Mary Clayton and Paul were at their lake house just a few minutes away, Mama, Daddy, Lella and Lester all came down on Thursday and spent the night to help celebrate. THEN when we got to dinner, my brother Charles and his wife, Mary showed up to my complete surprise and ALL of my family were together in the same place- all my siblings, and spouses, Clayton, Blair, Davidson and Gardner, my parents and of course, sweet Alan- all celebrating the big 6-0! It truly was the best birthday I have ever had and I have the picture to prove it above!  And I can't leave out these precious angels that awakened me singing happy birthday- they totally own my heart!

precious angels

I know I have thanked you all so much, but I want to PUBLICLY say thank you for all you did, all the trouble and expense you went to, all the fun pictures you collected and framed and put on the table at dinner- EVERYTHING! I have the BEST family on the planet and I appreciate each and every one of you and love you more than you can know.

So now that it is past, I don't have an excuse not to get back to work and figure out to do.

I have been reassessing. What do I WANT to do? What do I LOVE to do? What in the hell CAN I do? Not sure I have come up with any good answers yet, but working on it. I am going to redo this website to incorporate my One Sassy Sister products with my art on them here. That way I can get rid of one website, which will help a lot. Currently I have three websites and two Etsy shops. The Great Graphics website and Etsy shop run on their own with instant downloads and I only occasionally have to answer a stupid question or two- so I can deal with that. With my other Etsy shop on vacation and combining the two websites into one, I am hoping that I can write here more- which I do LOVE, I can find more fun products to put my art on and make something profitable out of all the different things I do. Maybe....maybe not, but I am going to give it a shot.  

Or maybe I will do something COMPLETELY different. the great thing is- I have options, tons of them-so who know what might come next! A new decade, a NEW adventure!

So stayed tuned, I am going to keep writing- about the adventures AFTER turning 60 and things that inspire me, make me laugh and anything else that might strike me. So even though I failed following through on my "journey", I am not quitting!




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  • Beth on

    Thank you Martha! You are so sweet and your encouragement helps so much! I hope you will come to Bham soon- we all need a visit…love you so much!!

  • Martha Hicks on

    Whatever you do, it will be an adventure and bring those around laughter! You have brought me a lot of joy reading your blog, haven’t done enough of it. You are brought me merriment getting to witness your birthday festival. I love and miss you, Martha

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