90 to 60

Day 64 and Day 63- Accept Gratitude

First let me say- doing two days at a time may be the new norm for me. I am working frantically on my art- and I want this to be fun- not a chore- so for my kids, who think I should do this everyday, I am sorry, I am doing the best I can! Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with this "Accept Gratitude-Graciously" and I knew it would be my post for today- as well as a new art quote I think. Hmmm....so as I was trying to go back to sleep I...

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Day 66 and Day 65- Chastised!

I have been busy- just the leaves on this took me FOREVER to do! And yesterday, Gardner called me (at 4:00 on his way home from work, he does this everyday- and I love it), and told me he hadn't seen my blog post yet. I explained that I had been really busy painting and that I might have to combine some days. He said he didn't like that. He said it looked like I was in a hurry when I did that before (and I was). He told me that he really got a lot out of my posts...

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Day 67-My New Disorder

My newest quote ready to be colored- had to make this today in light of what's next... So, I am talking to Mama this morning (we talk every morning - I really can't start my day right without that call) and she wants to read me my horoscope. Of course she says "even though this says just for today", this applies to you ALL the time. Thanks for the honesty Mom! It says something like "Today you have Oppositional Defiance Disorder, if anyone tells you NO, it will be the very thing you do, and this can be a positive,...

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Day 69 and 68- Being Creative

Day 69- the day got away from me. We had James spend the night, since we had Liza the night before. Played with trains, watched Thomas the Train movie (the boy LOVES trains), we colored and of course played with playdough. He is an angel! After we took him home, I was feeling very creative and got to work on some new art quotes. I worked on them all day and night- so I missed my blog post. But you know- when you are on a roll- you just need to go with it. Day 68- Today I am going...

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Day 70- Sometimes It's Just Hard

A playdough food feast! Last night Liza spent the night with us and after supper she wanted to play with a tiny china tea set I had when I was a little girl. I took it all down and we put it on the counter in the kitchen and played "tea party". I told her she needed to be very careful because they were old and breakable. She was very careful! She is a GOOD girl! A little later she was doing some drawing- back up on the counter and the tea set was still up there, I heard a...

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