90 to 60

Day 74- It's Sunday

It's Sunday- and I think I am going to just embrace the glorious mess that I am. We went to brunch with family from out of town and had so much fun, including a couple of bloody marys and I am a glorious mess- and I need a nap. Enjoy your Sunday, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with a clearer mind! xoxo, Beth

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Day 75- It's Saturday- Time to PLAY!

Remember when you were little how excited you got when it was FINALLY Saturday!  No school, you could watch cartoons, play outside, do anything you wanted. I think that is what you should do today. PLAY! Yesterday Liza came over and we painted- well SHE painted and discovered GLITTER! She is a "glitter-girl". She loved it. I had so much fun watching what she did. I observed, I didn't try to interfere (this is SO hard for me). Watching her play with the paint and the glitter (not worrying about the mess- another thing that is SO hard for me),...

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Day 76- The Day My Life Changed Forever!

March 24, 1983 My dream came true, 34 years ago today, I became a mom! It's Clayton's birthday today. I can hardly believe that I have a 34 year old child. I can remember the day she was born like it was just a few moments ago.  There are no stories of hours of hard labor, my doctor knew me well and gave me my epidural after I felt the first contraction (I am not a fan of pain) and he didn't want to listen to me. I slept through most of my labor and sometime before 3 am they...

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Day 77- Get a Move On!

#3-This is kind of an add-on to the last picture and quote from my post a few days ago. "If you don't like where you are, move. You are not a tree."  It is time to get a move on! It is time to ACT! Don't like what you are doing? Don't like where you life is? Don't like....whatever?  CHANGE IT! It is ALL up to you. No one can do it for you and you wouldn't want them to anyway. Nobody knows what is best for you or what your deep soul's desire is better than you! Like I said yesterday,...

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Day 78- You MUST Ask!

#2- I wouldn't have a new driveway if I hadn't asked for it, even if I did it jokingly at the time (which makes it even more incredible to me). And one of my best friends in the world, Scott Tucker reminded me yesterday that THIS is how we met. When I "asked" for something I wanted. (I actually demanded, but it worked.) Years ago, when I was living in Aliceville, the Little Theatre decided to do the play Steel Magnolias. I had always wanted to be in a play, but they always did musicals. I don't sing, I CAN'T...

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